Big Block Modifieds

Big Block Modifieds

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The TDN Race Updater All Stars for 2014

It wasn't that long ago that the days were hot, and there was a race every night of the week. Yeah, we know it's cold right now, and the season seems far away, and the memories of 2014 have started to fade around the edges. That's time for ya.  But if you reach back in your memory, you'll find a moment in time, a moment that made you feel great. It was a night that you couldn't be at the track...

The tragic thing for most of us in DIRT nation, is that we can't magically appear at every race we want. Work, family, other obligations, they all keep us away sometimes. And although we cherish every precious second we get to spend at the races, part of us hates not being there when external forces dictate that we must be absent. So, we do the next best thing...

We turn on twitter, and we find that if we've followed enough of the right people, we're graced with instant updates. A streaming timeline of time trial, heat, and feature results and sometimes some insight as to what's going on at the track outside the results too. Of course, the major sanctions and larger speedways offer some updates and ways to keep track of the action, but what about the other races that are important to us?

At TDN we strive to help you connect to those types of race chasers that do the updating. It's hard and selfless work sometimes, and for anybody that does it, there's a good deal of sacrifice. To surrender some of the atmosphere of the night, to split the brain into what the senses take in, and the fingers transmit almost instantly, it's not easy and it takes a special type of passionate race fan to do it. And in our estimation, they don't get enough credit or appreciation.

We talked earlier about that moment that made you feel great when you weren't at the track. Maybe it's the time you found out via one of these dedicated fans, that one of your favorite drivers just took their first big regional checkered flag, or a moment when you found out a driver had a nasty accident and was actually okay. There are a lot of great race chasers and updaters out there, and we can't list them all. But we do take special notice of the best of the best, in our area and beyond.

So we'd like to present a special All Star Team, some individuals who keep us updated and informed when we can't be there. It's time they got their due. And if you're not following them, you need to be.....

Mike Mallett:
One of the most dedicated race chasers in the game. Mike travels the Northeast and does a fantastic job covering not only the Big Block Modifieds at SDS, RoC and weekly venues, but covers sprints and late models when close by on occasion too with equal passion! He can also be found at as a key member of a great team that prides itself on well done pieces from the tracks, promoters and drivers that make the sport go round. Mike probably reports from about 70+ races a year and is one of our most re-tweeted follows. Thank you Mr. Mallet, well done!

Twitter Handle: @DTDMike

Patrick Davis:
Mr Davis has been updating for years, and if you're a Midwestern dirt fan and aren't following him, shame on you. Pat does a lot of late model work, but can be found at sprint events too and brings the updates as a legendary announcer would speak. It's probably because he is an announcer, but that's another story. Anyhow, it's not always the results that make him such a great follow, it's the results plus the glimpses into the action on the track he provides that puts him on our list as one of the best race updaters. Thank you for all you do for dirt racing Patrick!

Twitter Handle: @pdavis18491988

Mike Leone:
Pennsylvania native Mike Leone is everywhere, and he's relentless! For years now, Mr. Leone has been giving insight at tracks from PA, NY, OH, and beyond! It doesn't matter if it's sprints in central PA one night, then perhaps modifieds at New Egypt the next, he's everywhere, and he almost never takes a night off. His dedication is almost unmatched and his timeline is as clean and concise as you can ask for. Once again, if you're not following him, start now and be grateful come springtime!

Twitter Handle: @mikevleone

Rich Allen:
Rich passes along the finest news, information and results from Tennessee and beyond! Whether it's a Ray Cook Nationals, Ultimate, or Southern All Stars show, odds are Rich is there whether they're in Tennessee or not. His dedication and love of the sport translate very effectively from the track and if you love to follow the action from the Tennessee valley (We do), then he's an automatic follow. He also runs a really good website at . Mr. Allen, your hard work is noticed and appreciated!

And for every updater out there not on this list, we thank you for what you do, we'll have more need to follow articles coming in the future as 2015 unfolds. But in the first run, we had to mention these four gentlemen for what they've meant to everyone who benefits from the information they pass along!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

This Week in DIRT; Schatz's Tour Announced; PRI (The Seminars You're Momma Warned You About); Sandercock Soars;

Welcome to the great void! That time of year where there's virtually nothing going on except those "Silly Season" updates that may or may not be true. The end of the 2014 season has come and the Chili Bowl and Wild West Shoot are a little over a month away. So many of us are starting to go through withdrawal right about now. Is your skin crawling yet? Anybody got the shakes? This is normal. And it will pass, but in the meantime, you still have us. And we're here to help!

So though the news is few and far between, we still found some things worth passing on. Maybe you checked out for the offseason, perhaps you went hunting this week and it went terribly wrong and you found yourself surrounded in your tree stand by a pack of wolves for days on end. Or worse yet! Maybe a deer shot you!

No need to panic, we'll help you catch back up! So here's what you missed this week in DIRT!

World of Outlaws Announce 92 Races; For Donny Schatz To win in 2015

The World Racing Group announced this week that they've laid out a well planned tour of races for the coming season. At first glance, it looks fairly similar to previous schedules they've operated, but after further evaluation, it certainly looks fairly similar to previous schedules that they've operated. 

Oh, there's a few places they haven't been since some fans have been born, places like Weedsport, NY, Utica-Rome, NY and Brockville, Ontario, but for the most part it's status quo.  And who can blame them really? It works well for them. Nevertheless, the schedule was announced and you can check it out and place your bets on what date Donny Schatz will eclipse his win total from his record breaking 2014 season here.

That Thing, In Indianapolis

Well it's that time once again for that thing. You know, that place where lots of drivers you've never heard of and race fans who'll never drive anything, will rub elbows with their heroes, spend lots of cash on food, booze, hookers, and new engines. And then they'll all walk away with a free case of lube and some door prize they can re-gift.

Yes, it is time for the Performance Racing Industry's annual trade show in Indianapolis this week!  Our message is clear. Have a great time, don't wind up in jail, and be on the lookout for certain "unadvertised" seminars, those are always the best. We've been tipped by our good friend Art Polansky (410 Sprint Authority from beer hill, PA) that there'll be a few surprises in store off the beaten path. Here's what you can expect if you know where to look!

  • Making Illegal Fuel Additives Fun and Drinkable!
  • How Much Salt on the Popcorn Is Necessary To Encourage Drink Consumption?
  • Culinary Uses For Grooving and Siping Tools!
  • Tire Softening For Dummies!
  • Lower Your Expectations and Start Having Fun At The Track!
  • Donny Schatz Didn't Become Champion Overnight! You Can Do it Too!
Be sure to look for these special seminars in parking garage after show hours.

Seriously though, this show is where the announcements will be flowing like wine. Sanction announcements, 2015 schedules, and tons of news on the upcoming season. There'll be a lot of things to keep up on! For more information, click here

Sandercock Soars

Belleville, Ontario's Charlie Sandercock (co-winner of TDN's best driver name award), accepted $5,000 worth of American money this week at the Go Nuclear Late Model season ending banquet. Sandercock won two track titles in 2014, one at Brighton Speedway, and the other at CanAm Motorsports Park and also took home a series title with Go Nuclear.

When informed of his victory of TDN's best driver name award, Sandercock was thrilled, "This really means a lot to me," Sandercock said.  And I also want to say thank you to Fito Gallardo for sharing this win with me. It's been a great year behind the wheel, but to be part of this award is quite an honor itself."

Sandercock's season was one to remember, and even though he's more of a crate late model star, the 27 year old clearly looks headed in an upward direction, joining the ranks of Andrew Reaume and Ricky Weiss as the best of the Canadian entries in the late model realm.

You can read about the banquet, sans the very dry pot roast and burned rolls, here.

Modifieds To Invade Georgia?

Although no announcement has been made official yet. The Golden Isles Speedway Park facebook page has been lit up by the talk of big block modifieds. Earlier this week, a picture of one such car was posted and an indication that an announcement was forthcoming very soon.

It is rumored that on February 15, a non DIRTcar sanctioned big block modified event will possibly take place at the famed Georgia dirt racing facility. Who to expect? It's hard to say. It's possible that almost all of the southbound modified teams who normally number in the mid 30's for their annual three day appearance at the DIRTcar Nationals, will make it on over to get their names mispronounced. But one thing is clear, most of the comments on the facebook page are of the "Hell Yeah!" variety.

Well keep you posted on any further developments on this emerging story. In the meantime, here's the facebook page. Big Block Modifieds at Golden Isles Speedway Park

And that'll about do it this week! Later on, we'll announce a special team of race updaters that served DIRTnation very well in 2014, and in the meantime, have you seen our calendar? Our own Pat Miller has put together a fantastic ensemble in our first ever TDN Calendar. It features action shots from PA tracks and drivers and has important schedule dates to remember. A portion of the proceeds go to Racers For Tots, who provide a nicer Christmas for underprivileged children. Reserve yours today by clicking the photo below! 

To check in on our Silly Season Page, chock full of updates from 410 Winged Sprint Car Land, Super Late Model Land, and NE Modified Land, Click Here

Have a great week everyone and Stay DIRTY! 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

This Week In DIRT- Natty Open Adds 3rd Date; Davenport Ridicules Madden; Abreu Wins USAC Midget Title

We'd bet most of you were in a food coma. It's also probable you were under a pile of people at a department store as you hung on to some toy by a thread, poking the eye of the person trying to take it from you while the cops came and busted up the melee. Hope you're proud of yourself.  Gluttony and violence won't get you far in trying to follow the goings on in DIRT nation, but it will bet you overweight, and in jail while little children laugh at you in the cop car.

So now that you've inhaled an entire bottle of Maalox and or called your lawyer to see if they could help get you out of the tank before those other dregs of society start to think of you as "fresh meat", you can keep track of what you've missed in the week that was in DIRT.

So without further's This Week In DIRT!

National Open Adds 3rd Day:

The annual National Open, an October tradition at the famed Williams Grove Speedway, has announced that they will extend the weekend show by one day. This prompted many to take a guess at what might eventually be happening on that particular day.

 Many in the local area described a "crisis situation" when people started speculating that the first day might possibly include the World of Outlaw Late Models or perhaps a mini version of the World Finals

This elicited a need a voice of reason which came in the form on one of our favorite drivers here at TDN, Mr. Dan Stone who said via twitter:

  that would be great except someone from just broke thier I-phone from throwing it across the room.

Mr. Stone's comments brought to light, the fact that many of the rabid fan group located on said Beer Hill at the speedway complex would simply not allow for such nonsense on such hallowed ground.

We reached out to one of the leaders of Beer Hill, a Mr. Art Polansky for his thoughts on the prospect of World of Outlaw Late Models or Big Block Modifieds at the famed 1/2 mile as part of the 3 day National Open.

"That whole idea is kind of like a fart in church," Mr Polansky said. "It's like putting an outhouse in an elevator, we can't let it happen simply because it would soil the good reputation we've strived so hard to achieve, not only on Beer Hill, but the Speedway as a whole. This place is the birthplace of sprint car racing, not taxicab watching! Ever see those late models time trial? They're hideous!"

Plans for the three day speed fest which will most likely be three straight nights of World of Outlaw Sprints will be announced later this week. And by the way, if some Supers or Modifieds get invited, we here at TDN will be the first one's in line to buy tickets!!

You can check out the announcement here


Madden Earns Crate Candy in Georgia:

Chris "Smokey" Madden, a former TDN driver of the week in 2014, won the $20,000 to win Turkey 100 at Swainsboro, GA Saturday night, besting a good many crate late models and their drivers en route to his 10th win of the season.

But it was no easy win. Jonathan Davenport, one of the only other drivers in the field we could recognize by name, tried to impede Madden's progress twice on the last lap, causing damage to Madden's car. In a bizarre twist in victory lane, Davenport then decided to take the opportunity to ridicule Madden for celebrating a "crate" win.

When asked what he would have done had he actually won, Davenport replied "I would have basically not smiled, put on sunglasses and not said a damn word, who in the hell does Madden think he is, you clearly can't celebrate a crate win and everybody in the damn world outside of Smokey Madden knows that. When you take the cash out of some poor crate driver's hands, you just don't celebrate. It's like doing a dance after farting in church."

To see the full story from Swainsboro you can click here  Oh, and btw, now would be a great time to become a subscriber to, so you can read the damn article!


Abreu Seals USAC Deal

Rico Abreu can rest easy tonight. The California driver finished fifth in the USAC National Midget finale at Perris, Ca Saturday night en route to claiming his first ever national midget championship.  Though he may be short in stature, he's long on talent, and in the end, Abreu stayed on top of Christopher Bell who's had a phenomenal 2014,and actually took home the final checkered flag of the USAC midget season.

"I want to thank all my team, my family, and Abreu Vineyards," Abreu said. "That's some damn fine wine, I'm gonna hit some right now!"

For the full story from USAC, click here

The quote from Abreu prompted us to put Abreu Cabernet to the test regarding his last statement abut the quality of the wine. So we found a way to secure a bottle of Abreu Cabernet from a very disreputable source who we'll not divulge, and gave it to our own TDN wine connoisseur, Mr. Willie Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a sometimes homeless wino who dresses in foul smelling clothes and has been known to drink rubbing alcohol when times are bad.

TDN Wine Reviewer: Willie Johnson

Willie Johnson's Review: Abreu Wines

Well god damn! This damn wine is damn fine! Bottle looks good, but it ain't got no paper bag round it which every good wino knows is where the flavor comes from. Don't trust nothing that ain't got that brown paper bag around it. 

So I took one from my private stash and wrap around.  Anyhow, It ain't sweet, this ain't no kind of wild irish rose, it's kinda strong like mad dog 20/20, but without all that fruity garbage and carryin on an that. I finish the bottle in about two minutes, headache in about five, but from what I could taste.....this is some serious sh_t! Well done! 

And that's it for this week! Have a great one everybody and stay DIRTY!

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For our 2015 North Eastern Winged 410 Sprint Championship Click Here

Jim Fosnaught- The Hardest Change To Make

Pat Miller Photo

To win a championship in any kind of racing there are different approaches and mindsets used to determine the best method to achieve the goal. 

Some might automatically refer to "points racing", where a driver tends to hold back a little here and there to ensure the resources hold out a little longer while still managing a good finish week to week. 

Others might maintain that racing to win, is the best approach to winning a championship. By keeping the focus on winning, taking chances and letting it all hang out so to speak. It's risky to be sure, but multiple wins have a way of negating the effect of a couple of dnf's when the risks don't pay off.

Jim Fosnaught found his own approach in 2014, and it didn't quite bear resemblance to either philosophy. He went out on the track each Friday with the simple goal of just having fun and letting the chips fall where they may. And it worked for him. The approach called for a complete change in attitude and focus, those internal things in all of us that can be the hardest changes to make, and he did so with authority.

"It's always been something that my brother and I've talked about is that we never try to race for points," Jim Fosnaught said in a recent interview with us at TDN. "When you really start to think about the points, when you start playing that points game in your head instead of just racing the car, you really know you can do better and you're just settling for less. This year, we had a whole different philosophy coming in.

Fosnaught went on to collect six Fab Four Friday wins at Lernerville Speedway in 2014, en route to his first ever DIRTcar Sportsman Stock Championship, outdueling previous multi time champion Corey McPherson and was the class of the field in the highly competitive division.

"In the past, I'd tend to get too emotional and cause a lot of stress in our pit area just because I'd let stuff get to me. But this year we said that we're just going to go out there and race, we didn't care about points and we really didn't care about winning, whatever was meant to be was what was meant to be. And we kept that mindset for most of the year. There did come a time when I started to think about the points though, but I didn't let it take me over. Basically, we were just trying to have fun."

But even though it's been nearly three months since he won his first championship, the feeling has yet to sink in, and it's not a bad thing as far as he's concerned.

"To be honest with you, it still really hasn't sunk in. It's funny, I'd recently broken my leg so I had to take one of those motorized carts around Wal-Mart because I can't crutch around, so I'm driving around the aisles and my girlfriend tells me to be careful. I told her listen,  you're talking to the 2014 Lernerville Stock Champion while we're both laughing, it's was totally a funny moment you know, and then it hit me," Fosnaught said as he erupted in laughter.

"But it still hasn't really sunk in, and I kind of hope it stays that way actually. It really doesn't mean I'm the best driver or the best car, I just had a lot more of those better nights than some others did. People keep talking to me about the season, and I still can't believe that it all actually happened, it's been unreal."

The wins didn't stop with the end of the Lernerville regular season for Fosnaught. He pocketed $2,000 for his win at Autumn-Motive Fest, the annual sportsman stock race at Lernerville that traditionally brings out the best of the best from within the region. Fosnaught bested the 37 car field, putting an exclamation point on his 2014 season while beating some of the stiffest competition in the area."

"I still can't believe I turned the fastest lap that night," Fosnaught said remarking on the surreal feeling surrounding the biggest victory of his career. "I mean I watched Rusty Martz win one of his first races at Challenger years ago, that guy is amazing. Guys like him and Chris Withers, to see those guys and race against them was awesome. But the one person who I always say that I'd be surprised to beat is Chris Schneider. He's just so dominant in a stock car for so many years and even now just to watch him race and see what he's done and to actually beat him on that night and to have a straightaway lead was amazing and if I never win another race, I'll always be talking about that one with pride."

The topic then changed from his amazing 2014, to his beginnings in racing..

"I was a little kid, and my uncle used to race enduros at Lernerville, it was my first race there and I was probably about six or seven years old, but once my family was involved and racing gets in your blood, you can't get it out of you," Fosnaught said.  

"As a kid, my favorite driver was Ed Lynch Jr and it wasn't even because he was winning but it was more about the color of his car. I liked other drivers in other divisions but he's one guy that stuck out. I remember getting my first Lynch Jr tshirt when I was young and you couldn't get it off of me."

"I originally started in micro sprints and spent two seasons in them and I did pretty well. I won a feature and three or four heats. And then we moved into the stocks, my brother thought it was a good idea and with the knowledge he had and knowing Chris Schneider, whom we've known since we were younger, we played football together, we went out and bought a car.  Originally we bought a stock from Ohio that had been wrecked and the back half of the car had been cut off, but we brought it home and did all the fab work by ourselves and we modeled it off of an S and S chassis and that's where we started in stocks."

Fosnaught learned fairly quickly in stocks, and proceeded to get better year after year, displaying a great deal of natural talent, and yet a willingness to learn from mistakes. Fosnaught had a good degree of success in recent seasons, his first feature win came in 2012, and he'd been very close to winning some others. But a series of bad luck coupled with some decisions he'd probably have liked to have back, had kept the consistency he'd been looking for at bay.

He'd undergone a mindset change, which takes courage and blunt honesty with oneself.

"I think a lot of that had to do with getting back to church and getting God back in my life. There's something more important than we have in this world, the possessions of this world don't mean anything. It's a brand new outlook for me. I'm making a transformation to becoming a better person and it's actually helped me with racing. It's not the end of the world if we don't win."

And that change has also carried over into his thoughts about what kind of racing he'd like to do in the future.

"It's not really something I think about. I don't see being anything more than being in a stock car, which I'm actually very proud to say. In the future, I see me being in a stock car, plain and simple, and having fun doing it."

And for the fans in Fosnaught Nation, the change has brought about a person who embraces his rather large group of people, decked out in their tshirts and standing up when he makes a pass. It has led to a connection with them that goes far beyond anything he could have imagined.

"It means a lot to me, if it wasn't for the fans coming there we wouldn't do what we do. We love racing, but we also like to entertain and whether that's positively entertained or negatively, it's still people there at the race track enjoying the same thing that you enjoy. Even though they're not in the same cars as us, those fans relate to us in some kind of way. I'll walk around the stands, and see people that have my shirt on, people I've never met or seen before. It's an amazing thing, and I love the fact that we have fans like that. It's humbling, it really is."

Thursday, November 27, 2014

2015 TDN Northeast Region Winged 410 Sprint Car Chamionship

The Northeast region of the United States is blessed with the sprint car racing that we are able to see through nearly 9 months of the year. Sprint car events are scattered all around us, whether it be sanctioning bodies, weekly racing, or specials only, we always have a plethora of events to choose from week in and week out. The only complaint I, as I'm sure many of you have, is that we don't get to see them all racing at the same time.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the creation of the 'TDN' Northeast Region Winged 410 Sprint Car Championship. This will be our way of comparing and keeping tabs on all sprint car drivers across the Northeast as we do our best to compare driver to driver in hopes to determine an overall regional champ.

Here is how it will be done:

Starting April 1st, drivers will accumulate points based their feature finish. The twist? The number of points you receive is dependent upon the car count that night. This is our way of compensating for an "easy" win. The more cars at the track, the more points a win is worth, and so on.

Points will run from April 1st - October 31st. Our reasoning for not starting in February when Lincoln attempts to run is so that all drivers across the region have an equal opportunity to gain points.

Tracks that drivers will receive points from for weekly racing are 
Atomic (OH), Attica (OH), Fremont (OH), Lernerville (PA), Lincoln (PA), Mercer (PA), Port Royal (PA), Wayne County (OH), and Williams Grove (PA).

Speical Events at the Following Tracks will also count for points.
Bedford (PA), Brushcreek (OH), Eldora (OH), Grandview (PA), Hagerstown (MD), Limaland (OH), New Egypt (NJ), Path Valley (PA), Roaring Knob (PA), Selinsgrove (PA), Sharon (OH), Susquehanna (PA), and Waynesfield (OH).

Pennsylvania - 11 tracks
Ohio             - 9 tracks
New Jersey   - 1 track
Maryland      - 1 track

As mentioned above, point structures will be based solely on car counts. For example, a weekly show at Mercer with 35 cars would be worth more points than a WoO show at Fremont that has 20 cars. Car count is the great equalizer.

23 or less Cars
Win     - 3 points
2nd      - 2 points
3rd      - 1 point

24 - 32 Cars
Win     - 4 points
2nd      - 3 points
3rd       - 2 points
4th       - 1 point

33+ Cars
Win       - 5 points
2nd       - 4 points
3rd        - 3 points
4th        - 2 points
5th        - 1 points

The driver with the most total points at the conclusion of October will be declared the inaugural 'TDN' Northeast Region Winged Sprint Car Champion.

We here at TDN are working to provide racers and race fans with the things that you want to see, and we'll continue to keep that our goal through 2015 and beyond.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Dirty Thanksgiving

Today, we give our thanks. We're a DIRT family you see, and we're in this together. We're all going to be in different places with family today. Hopefully, they're all doing well, safe and sound, and you're all going to be elbows deep in a feast together at some point during the day.

But even though we're not together in the flesh, the fans, drivers, crew, employees, support industry folks, and promoters that make up our family, we're together in spirit, and we've got a lot to be thankful for!

First off, we've got it better than these folks, the participants of the first thanksgiving.

They lived in constant fear of death, disease, famine and freezing. And none of them ever came close to seeing a race. If they had, they'd be as thankful as we are at this time of year. 

So today, when you're gathered around the table, sharing what you're thankful for on this day, try to slip in some of these, the things we're thankful for on this day.

  • We're thankful for well executed slidejobs, the one's that are so thrilling to watch that you sit there with your mouth open in awe. The one's that leave you thinking "how in the world can they do that and not even touch?
  • We're thankful for the Knoxville Nationals, the World 100, Super DIRT Week, and the World Finals. The places where we can watch our favorite crown jewels and leave with a memory full of great racing, the best drivers on earth, and the great times we have with our friends and family.
  • We're thankful for Steak on a Stick and Pork Chop Sandwiches, not gonna lie they're fantastic!
  • We're thankful for all the times when drivers walk away after an awful looking crash.
  • We're thankful for the sound as the green flag drops. Is there a better sound than 24 of your favorite beasts all hitting the gas at the exact same moment? 
  • We're thankful for the concession stand employees that know what we like, and have it ready when they see us.
  • We're thankful for getting to see the final year for Steve Kinser on the World of Outlaw tour. Have a great one King!
  • We're thankful for getting to see the greatness of Donny Schatz, Scott Bloomquist, Stew Friesen, Darrell Lanigan, Rico Abreu, Bryan Clauson, Matt Sheppard, Dale Blaney, Don O'Neal and so on and so forth. They never seem to stop amazing us.
  • We're thankful for a healthy Josh Richards climbing back into the car before the end of the year.
  • We're thankful for every low budget, weekly driver that works 50 hours a week earning a living, and then another 30 hours getting the car ready. Thank you for all your hard work to make sure you're at the track for us to enjoy week in and week out. We appreciate it far more than you know
  • We're thankful for the promoters/GM's who open up on a shaky looking weather night just because there's a good chance to still get it in, even though they're taking a beating at the box office that night!

And lastly, we're thankful for all of you, the folks that keep the greatest sport on earth surviving and thriving. Thank you for being at the track every week, thank you for telling all non-racing folks about what you saw at the races in the attempt to make one more fan, thank you for buying the tickets, tshirts, the beer and thank you for being a part of DIRT Nation!

So from all of us at TDN to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving! Have a Dirty one!