Big Block Modifieds

Big Block Modifieds

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

On Tap- WoO Sprints tackle Vegas and Tucson; USMTS Melts Down in New Mexico; SAS Late Models at EAMS

A little more racing action makes it's way onto the scene this weekend as the World of Outlaw Sprints, USMTS Modifieds and the Southern All Star Series Late Models hit the track for some key early March battles. We'd all prefer to be at the track this weekend, but we'll have to stick to the monitors and enjoy keyboard racing for the most part. 

So here's the best of what's out there, and a little of what to expect each week, plus ways you can follow the action. We're here to help you stay on top of it, so we'll be keeping a scoreboard this weekend to keep it all on one page. Here's what's on tap!

World of Outlaws at Las Vegas and Tucson:

The Dirt Track at Las Vegas and Tuscon International Raceway (USA Raceway) host the greatest show on dirt this weekend as the World of Outlaws take on the best of the west. This weekend kicks off the Outlaws first western swing of the season and will see a possible influx of drivers from the likes of Gold Cup Champion Carson Macedo, Terry McCarl, Mark Dobmeier, Rico Abreu, Tim Kaeding and many others over the course of the next few weeks. "Blackjack" Brian Brown is there too, so there's another great reason to watch! (like you needed one!) 

Last year, Paul McMahan used lapped traffic to his advantage and took home the win on night one in Vegas while on night two, Donny Schatz started on the front row, fell to third, and then put himself in the lead for good on the eighth circuit.  In Tucson in 2014, Brad Sweet took the lead on lap 4 and never looked back for his second win of the season. This year, Sweet has already etched his name onto the win list with a victory at Volusia on the final night of the DIRTCar Nationals. 

Points Coming Into The Weekend:

1. Brad Sweet- 430
2. Donny Schatz- 426
3. Daryn Pittman- 424
4. Joey Saldana- 416
5. Greg Hodnett- (Yes, we know he's not touring, but what a great FLA) 414


Las Vegas: Wednesday and Thursday 
Tucson: Saturday

Pay Per View Information:

Dirt vision's got you covered all weekend for your ppv needs. 39.99 for the FVP Showdown at Vegas and $21.99 for Tucson

Get your ordering information here: 

USMTS Modifieds at SNMS:

Can rookie of the year Austin Arneson stay hot and keep his series point lead through this weekend? We'll see, but for now, he's been a big surprise on the scene, winning two out of three in last weekend's action at El Paso. Rodney Sanders took the final race of the weekend and Dereck Ramirez, Fito and Jake Gallardo all had podium appearances.

This week, the tour finds itself at Southern New Mexico Speedway for the USMTS Winter Meltdown (let's hope there's not one on the track) Here's a glimpse of what that actually looks like courtesy of

Points Coming Into The Weekend: 

1. Austin Arneson- 694
2. Dereck Ramirez- 688
3. Jason Hughes- 663
4. Jesse Sobbing- 627
5. Phillip Houston- 611

When: Friday-Saturday-Sunday

Pay Per View Information:

Speed Shift TV does an awesome job with their USMTS broadcasts (They've got some NSL Sprint stuff later on this year too!) and they'll be all over it this weekend. 

For ordering information, just click here:

Southern All Star Late Models at EAMS:

The postponed "Bama Bash" will kick off the 2015 tour for the Southern All Star Late Model Series this weekend at East Alabama Motor Speedway. They'll be battling for $6,000 to win and $500 to start on Sunday March 8. It's always a guessing game as to whom will swing by, but Chris Madden, Will Thomas, Mike Marlar, Jonathan Davenport, Randy Weaver, and Donald McIntosh are all pretty good guesses. There might even be a Scott Bloomquist sighting, (was on his schedule earlier). 

Whomever shows up to grace the red clay at EAMS, it's sure to be some great racing on the slippery surface. There's no pay per view this weekend, but you can follow the action with blog style updates from on their RACEWIRE Page. (Just click where we typed racewire. It helps to be a DoD subscriber, if you're not, please do so immediately! You'll thank us!)

Anyhow, they'll have blog style updates there to keep you in the know all weekend. And if you're really a diehard (our favorite type of fan) Our friends at will have a live timing feed for your iphone, or computer. You can follow the action as it happens on the track by just clicking HERE  Don't do it this second unless you want to be bored into a come, why don't you wait until race time and until then, check out the races up above!

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay DIRTY

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

WoO's FVP Outlaw Show - Bold Predictions

Here's our first segment of Bold Predictions this season that we'll be dedicating to a specific series of races. This first edition will deal with the two World of Outlaws races we have coming up tomorrow and Thursday at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Throughout the season we'll release these in relation to premier dirt late model events, as well as regional specials for sprints, late models and big block modifieds.

WoO Sprints - Las Vegas, NV

1. The World of Outlaws will sweep the top 5 on one of the two nights

2. A non-series driver will win 1 of the 2 races

3. Brian Brown will finish in the top 10 both nights

4. David Gravel and Donny Schatz will garner the Hard Charger awards

5. Kerry Madsen will NOT set Quick Time either night

The World of Outlaws Late Model Series... My Predictions for The Rest of 2015

Hey there folks. I'm finally getting around to my prediction for the WoO late models for 2015. Much like last year, I decided to wait until the Georgia/Florida swing was over, so I could get a better handle on who is running the series before I got into predictions and such.

This season on tour is the most aggressive in tour history, and that should also make it the most competitive. The series itself will have bit of a different look. Josh Richards is returning from injury and will be back on the road and long time tour regulars (and running buddies) Tim Fuller and Clint Smith will not be running the WoO this season (but will continue racing. Fuller is going back to modifieds. Smith is running regionally) Other than that, it appears that the rest of last year's regulars will be back.The Rookie of the Year contenders appear to be Mason Zeigler and Jordan Yaggy. Defending champion Darrell Lanigan announced that his crew chief Jason Jameson would be running for RoY in a team car, but that didn't happen. In fact, it didn't even make it one race. Jameson was back to being crew chief by the first race at Screven.

Anyways, here's what I think the final top 10 in points will be, after everything shakes out after the tightest point battle they've ever had. I believe the championship race will come down to the final race at Charlotte.

1. Josh Richards. Josh proved he was back with a vengance to open the season winning at Screven in a warm up night before points started. He picked up a points win at Bubba Raceway Park. The rest of the Florida trip was so-so and he currently sits in fourth in points. That said, I still think he's going to be the man to beat this year. He's got the experience and probably the best equipment on tour. Add that to a bit of a chip on the shoulder, and you've got a pretty lethal combination.

2. Shane Clanton. Shane had a ridiculous Florida, winning an incredible four races. They seem to have found something in the newest Capital Chassis, and Shane is taking full advantage of it to this point. I think he'll continue to have a great "comeback" season and finish second in points, despite a few struggles in the middle of the summer when the tracks are slick as whale snot.

3. Darrell Lanigan. Darrell is defending champion and has been one of the top two cars for a few years now, but I think that Club 29's popularity and the demands that come with that will affect his performance to some degree this year, and he'll end up third in points. He'll still win some races and have a great season, but I can see focus being a bit of an issue for him when the grind really starts in a month.

4. Tim McCreadie. Tim finished 2014 very strong and seems to be finally be comfortable in his return to Rocket Chassis. Him reuniting with the crew chief he won the championship with, Tommy Grecco will only mean good things and I believe he'll win a pile of races, but I still see him ending up fourth in points due to some off nights.

5. Chub Frank. Chub switched to Longhorn Chassis for 2015, and so far, it seems the move was a fruitful one and he's more competitive than he's been in a few years. I believe he'll win a race or two and show everybody that wrote him off the last five years than he still has it.

6. Frankie Heckenast Jr. Frank won the RoY last year and is returning to the series full time again this season. I believe he'll be a lot more comfortable on tour this year and, therefore, more competitive. It's already showing, as he picked up his first WoO win at Bubba Raceway Park in February.  I'd be surprised if he didn't pick up a couple more this season.

7. Morgan Bagley. Morgan finished fourth in points last year and had a banner season. A late season switch to Club 29 race cars seemed to be a shot in the arm. However, the depth in the series this year is at an all time high and I think he might win a race or two, but he's going to have to deal with some tougher competition this year and he'll regress a bit.

8. Rick Eckert. Rick had a fantastic season in 2014 driving the Rocket house car and finished second in points. Obviously, he's not back in that rid for this year so the sledding will be much tougher for him. He's in a ride that's brand new, and it'll be the only MBH car on tour, so there's no notes to go off of when they get to the races. It's not going to be easy for him. At. All.

9. Mason Zeigler. Mason is going after RoY and should win that handily. He going to find the full points battle much, much tougher though, and he's going to take some lumps during his first full touring season. He'll definitely be the most exciting thing out there some nights, though.

10. Chase Jughans. Chase is returning to tour in 2015 and will have a season par with last season. There will be improvement on his part from night to night and he'll have some very strong finishes. Unfortunately for him, so will everybody else.

So, that's it. My predictions for 2015. I think it'll be a fantastic season, and well revisit this write-up after the season to see how correct I was. So, until then, may he rain always stay away and the dirt stay in your beer.

Friday, February 27, 2015

World of Outlaws: The Beginning of a New Era

As a fan, we've known the day would come when Steve Kinser and Sammy Swindell would no longer grace America's dirt tracks with The Greatest Show on Dirt, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. The King will still be around at some of the most venerable tracks in the country, and it wouldn't surprise me if Sammy made a guest appearance or two, but let's face it, it's time to move on.

Fortunately, the World of Outlaws will not be hurting for any talent or star-power in the foreseeable future. In fact, their field of touring drivers this season may be as deep as we've ever seen.

What we will now refer to as "the field" for the rest of this article will carry 7 total championships into the season (Schatz [6], Pittman [1]) and 444 series wins. Behind Schatz and Pittman is a young and upcoming group of drivers just itching to claim their first WoO title. But before we dive into each driver, let's first analyze the 2015 schedule.

The Schedule
This year's World of Outlaws campaign contains 91 races at 56 different facilities. This is slightly down from last year's schedule (95 races at 61 tracks). Some of the notable changes are one extra night at Williams Grove, but one less night at both Lernerville Speedway and Lincoln (PA) Speedway.

Williams Grove leads the way with 7 events. Following behind are Eldora & Knoxville (5), and I-55, Silver Dollar and The Dirt Track at Charlotte whom each have 3 races. For a more in-depth look at the cross-country travel plans, let's dive on in a little further.

Volusia Speedway Park kicked off with the 3-night DIRTcar Nationals. Next up is a doubleheader in Sin City that begins a 14 race stretch on the West Coast over the course of a month and a half. 10 tracks will split duties in servicing the World of Outlaws.

An 8-race stretch back across the Midwest will lead into the first East Coast swing of the year, which will feature 6 events through Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and North Carolina.

Starting on Labor Day, the Greatest Show on Dirt will spend nearly 2 months in the Midwest and Upper Midwest before returning to Ohio and Pennsylvania in mid-July for the Doty Classic, Kings Royal, Silver Cup and Summer Nationals.

Following the "Month of Money", the Outlaws will fleet off through New York and across Canada before eventually moseying on down to the Iron Man 55 and hallowed Knoxville Nationals.

After an illustrious week in Knoxville, they will escape off to the far Northwest with stops in Alberta, Washington and Oregon. From there, the World of Outlaws will head down the coast for the prestigious Gold Cup at the Silver Dollar Speedway.

A trek across the country with a few stops at a handful of venues will ultimately bring the World of Outlaws back to the East Coast for the re-formatted National Open at Williams Grove, a few other races, and the finale at The Dirt Track at Charlotte.

The Drivers
The World of Outlaws have 14 committed full-time members, with an additional driver that will hit many of the races but needs additional sponsorship to get through the year. 444 wins are represented by this year's contingents. So without further adieu, here are your 2015 Outlaws.

Jacob Allen: In his 2nd WoO season, looking to continue improvement after making strides last season. Best series finish - 13th ('14)

Craig Dollansky: Returns to the series driving for Rick Rogers. Winner of 59 WoO features. Best series finish - 2nd ('06 & '12)

David Gravel: Begins his 2nd full season as an Outlaw. 7 career WoO wins. Best series finish - 10th ('14)

Jason Johnson: 360 standout making his first run at the WoO championship. Owns 1 career WoO feature win.

Kraig Kinser: Former Knoxville Nationals champion. 16 career series wins. Best series finish - 5th ('05)

Kerry Madsen: Australian native taking another shot at the title. 16 career series wins. Best series finish - 4th ('14)

Daryn Pittman: 2013 champion looking to reclaim the championship. 53 career series wins. Best series finish - 1st ('13)

Joey Saldana: Searching to transfer some Time Trial speed to the A-Mains. 91 career series victories. Best series finish - 2nd ('07)

Donny Schatz: Six-time and defending champion. 174 series wins. Best series finish - 1st ('06, '07, '08, '09, '12, '14)

Logan Schuchart: In his 2nd WoO season, looking for some improvement on past successes. 3 career podium finishes. Best series finish - 12th ('14)

Jason Sides: Veteran driver looking to rekindle the fire. 13 career series wins. Best series finish - 5th ('09 & '10)

Shane Stewart: First full WoO season under Larson/Marks Racing. 5 career series wins. Best series finish - 12th ('05)

Brad Sweet: On the verge of a breakout season for the KKR driver. 9 career series wins. Best series finish - 6th ('14)

Cody Darrah will also journey to many of the World of Outlaws races but is currently looking for additional funding in order to follow the whole tour.

The Predictions
Finally, the fun part of all of this. Where I get to spew my meaningless opinions and more than likely embarrass myself with an uneducated guess, stir up a couple readers, all while jinxing a few drivers in the process. Ah, oh well. That's half of the fun! Here are my BOLD PREDICTIONS for the 2015 World of Outaws season.

Top 5: Donny Schatz, Daryn Pittman, Brad Sweet, Kerry Madsen, Joey Saldana

Wins: Schatz (18), Pittman (12), Madsen (10), Saldana (8), Sweet (7), McMahan (5)

Fast Timer: Kerry Madsen

Hard Charger: David Gravel

Most Improved: Logan Schuchart

Biggest Surprise: Jason Johnson

Biggest Disappointment: Craig Dollansky

Race of the Year: Cedar Lake Speedway (Night 2)

Races That Steve Kinser Enters: 30

Rainouts: 7

Knoxville Nationals: Donny Schatz

Kings Royal: Brad Sweet

National Open: PA Posse

Brian Brown Wins: 2

New WoO Winner: D.J. Netto

Throwback Winner: Danny Lasoski

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On Tap- USAC and Lucas ASCS Sprinters Trade Places; USMTS Gulf Tour Round 3

Okay, so the DIRTCar Nats are over. We're feeling your pain DIRT Nation.  But there's racing around, if you look for it! One great place to look for racing is of course our very own master schedule created by our very own Professor, Mr. Tyler Beichner. Check it out here!

Having said that, there's racing to follow this weekend and some really good stuff too. It's a great time of year to tune into something you don't get to see very often. So before you check out of dirt for another month, waiting for your favorite track or series to open up for the year, why don't you check out this weekend's slate of action, try a little something different? Here's what on tap!

USAC/AMSOIL National Sprints- East Bay Raceway Park

The wingless sprinters of the USAC/AMSOIL National series are in action this weekend at East Bay Raceway Park and they're fantastic! Those of you that follow the series religiously can attest to this. They're really different from their winged counterparts and the drivers are both talented and legendary. They provide great racing, wheel to wheel action, and more than that they compete and battle as if they have nothing to lose!

See Brady Bacon, the people's champ, Dave Darland, and Bryan Clauson in action all weekend.

Points coming into the weekend:

1. Chase Stockon- 187
2. Chris Windom- 162
3. Brady Bacon- 160
4. Robert Ballou- 158
5. Kevin Thomas Jr- 156

When: Thursday-Friday-Saturday (Feb 26-27-28)

Pay Per View information:

XSANTV has all three nights, right on your laptop or big screen tv. Their coverage is awesome too, picture looks great, the sound is very even and you'll feel just like your at the track, without the dirt in your beer!

For ordering info click here:

Lucas ASCS Sprints at Bubba Raceway Park

It's a great weekend to check out the Lucas ASCS Sprinters at Bubba Raceway Park. Why? Well first, it's a national points weekend so you can see how the early points shake out, and secondly, because there's some talented drivers still hanging around Florida looking to take home a checkered flag.

Like World of Outlaw driver Jason Sides who won on opening night at East Bay. Like Greg Hodnett who's gotten off to a hot start Florida this year. Like Terry McCarl, Chad Kenemah, Danny Smith and Greg Wilson. 

They'll be taking on the likes of tour regulars Jeff Swindell, Aaron Reutzel, Johnny Herrera, Randy Hannagan, and Sam Hafertepe Jr. It's a great weekend to check out the action from Bubba and see some sprinters you don't always get to see as much of as you'd like!

Points Coming Into the Weekend:

1. Mark Smith- 427
2. Aaron Reutzel- 417
3. Brad Loyet - 395
4. Terry McCarl- 380
5. Johny Herrera- 367

When: Friday-Saturday (Feb-27-28)

Pay Per View Information: has both nights of Lucas ASCS action from BRP starting Friday night! Feel free to hook it up to your mini jumbotron!

For ordering information click here:

USMTS Modifieds at El Paso Speedway Park

Round 3 of the USMTS Modified Gulf Coast swing gets underway this weekend at El Paso Speedway Park. These guys are fantastic to watch and leave it all on the line. You'll see Jason Hughes, the racing Gallardo's (Fito and his son Jake), Dereck Ramirez and other top stars battling for three straight nights.

Last year's USMTS champion, Rodney Sanders...aka the sandman, will be in action this weekend following his late model tour of East Bay and Volusia which ended in disaster. Sanders mangled a couple of cars in earlier action this year, and will be looking to return to his home state and deliver some home cooking. You'll be glad you ordered this one!

Points Coming Into the Weekend:

1. Jason Hughes- 459
2. Dereck Ramirez- 415
3. Phillip Houston- 393
4. Austin Arneson- 392
5. Jesse Sobbing- 388

When: Thursday-Friday-Saturday (Feb 26-27-28)

Pay Per View Information:

Want to watch this weekend's USMTS action? You're in luck! Speed Shift TV Has you covered, all three nights! Save us a seat on the couch.....and a beer!

For ordering information click here

Monday, February 23, 2015

Moving on from Florida...

The beef of Florida/Georgia Speedweeks is now behind us. Aside from another weekend for USAC (at East Bay) and ASCS (at Bubba's), it's time to move on and look to what was left behind as well as what lies ahead of us.

Let's pick up a little over 3 weeks ago to recap the Speedweeks that was. The Nesmith crate late models invaded Bubba Raceway Park on Jan. 28 and saw Mark Whitener, Max Blair and Keith Nosbisch reach victory lane before Walker Arthur grabbed the $10,000 finale.

The "New" All Star Circuit of Champions followed suit with an invasion of Bubba Raceway Park the following weekend. Albeit a strange field that filled the pits, it was the familiar face of Kerry Madsen that won all 3 nights and collected $15,000 in winnings.

Meanwhile, the Super Late Models were putting in work in the state of Georgia as the Lucas Oil Late Models (LOLMDS) put an assault on Golden Isles Speedway, and at the same time the World of Outlaws Late Models set their eyes on Screven Motor Speedway.

Carrier, Pearson and Davenport were victorious at Golden Isles, and it was Steve Casebolt and home-state native Shane Clanton that stole the thunder at Screven.

The LOLMDS then began the traditional week-long Winternationals at East Bay. Six features were contested, with legendary "Mr. Smooth" Billy Moyer winning half of them. Dennis Erb, Josh Richards and Eddie Carrier won the other three events.

Not to be outdone, the WoO Late Models spent a weekend at Bubba Raceway Park. It was Darrell Lanigan picking up the unsanctioned SLM event, but fans saw Frank Heckenast and Josh Richards reach victory lane in WoO action.

Sprint cars got their time back in the spotlight when they made the annual trek over to Volusia Speedway Park to kick off the DIRTcar Nationals. The All Stars sanctioned the first two nights when Greg Hodnett and Daryn Pittman were the first to the checkers.

"The Greatest Show on Dirt", the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, took over the following three nights where Pittman was able to grab another win, followed by remarkable victories from reigning champ Donny Schatz and Brad Sweet.

The late models moved in on Monday morning for their turn at the half-mile oval. When the dust settled Saturday night, the week could be summed up in two words: Shane Clanton. The "Georgia Bulldog" carried momentum from Screven and Bubba's as he was able to capture 4 of the 5 contested races, 3 of which were WoO sanctioned. Scott Bloomquist also reached victory lane.

The Northeast ground-pounders known as Big Block Modifeds took their talents to the Southeast as they contested 5 shows over the course of a week with just as many winners. Danny Johnson, Brett Hearn, Stewart Friesen, Rick Laubach and Neal Williams each found victory lane once.

Just when you thought we'd had enough racing, the USAC non-winged sprints and ASCS 360's started their seasons off in the Sunshine State. Mark Smith capped off the ASCS triple-header at East Bay with a $10,000 triumph, while Robert Ballou, Brady Bacon and Dave Darland split the honors at Bubba's.

Now we look ahead. Florida Speedweeks has one weekend remaining, but we remorsefully begin to look onward towards races in the rest of the country.

Next weekend, the 5th Annual 'Pelican 100' will take place at Louisiana's Ark-La-Tex Speedway, offering a gracious $10,000 prize to the winner. Alabama also resumes its season with the $15,000 Southern All Star (SAS) sanctioned 'Bama Bash' at East Alabama Motor Speedway. The SAS Lates will finish off the weekend with a $10,000 show at Cherokee Speedway in South Carolina.

Lincoln Speedway (PA) will again attempt to open their season with the Icebreaker for 410 Sprints. With the harsh winter and future weather outlook, I wouldn't hold your breath as it's not looking good at the moment.

So what can we take away from Florida? Here's a list of a few noteworthy items.

  • Can anyone stop (or at least slow down) Shane Clanton?
  • The positive vibes surrounding the ASCoC were refreshing.
  • The WoO Sprints title could be up in the air this season.
  • Billy Moyer proved that he is still the king of East Bay.
  • Scott Bloomquist has cooled off since last fall.
  • Earl Pearson is clearly rejuvenated with his new/old team.
  • Chub Frank, for now, has returned to competitive form.
Series Points Standings
WoO Sprints - 1. Brad Sweet 2. Donny Schatz (-4) 3. Daryn Pittman (-6) 4. Joey Saldana (-14) 5. Greg Hodnett (-16)

WoO Lates - 1. Shane Clanton 2. Darrell Lanigan (-90) 3. Morgan Bagley (-116) 4. Josh Richards (-118) 5. Chub Frank (-122)

LOLMDS - 1. Earl Pearson, Jr 2. Jonathan Davenport (-5) 3. Jared Landers (-25) 4. Jimmy Owens (-55) 5. Eddie Carrier, Jr (-70)

Nesmith - 1. Walker Arthur 2. Ronnie Johnson (-72) 3. Ryan King (-98) 4. Chase Edge (-102) 5. Ryan Crane (-118)

**AMENDMENT (2/23/14) - The Pelican 100 at Ark-La-Tex Speedway has been postponed to March 6th and 7th.**