Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Driver Spotlight: Jason Fosnaught

 Western, PA wheelman Jason Fosnaught is ready to get back in the game.  The veteran driver had been spending the first part of the season assisting fellow driver Greg Beach in his Renegades of Dirt modified campaign, but recently has turned his attention to his steel block late model program with his sights set on a second half schedule within the area.
 Most of the pieces are in place for Fosnaught, the car, engine and most of the equipment is in place to make his run, but he's in search of some support to help defray the costs.

 "To put a dollar value to what we are looking for, I’d say its minimal, Fosnaught said recently. "Something in the range of $2,000 to $3,000. We have the car, the engine, shocks, wheels and a small tire inventory. I’m hoping to come up with enough support to help with the cost of some extra parts, race fuel and added tire inventory. We’re looking for one main sponsor but will also entertain several smaller partners that would still be helpful to our needs. Our primary goal for the 2nd half of 2015 is to be competitive at the local speedways that run the steel block division. If we are competitive out of the box, our goal will shift toward winning a couple features. We will try to run approximately 12-15 events at Marion Center Speedway, Hesston Speedway and Bedford Speedway, etc."
While he was assisting Beach, Fosnaught kept his driving skills honed by substituting for Brett McDonald in the sportsman stock division at Lernerville Speedway one evening and took home a win in his only time in the car. His experience on dirt spans many divisions over an 18 year career and he's had good success at each level.
"This is my eighteenth year racing cars," he remarked. "I started in Strictly Stock at Challenger, moved into Sportsman Stocks at Lernerville and eventually made my way to Crate and Steel Block Late Models at various speedways around the area. I also have experience in E-Mods and Micro Sprints and a win in a Three Quarter Late Model. Winning one of the most prestigious stock car races in Western Pa. is currently my biggest accomplishment. I was given the opportunity to drive my brother’s car last year at the Little Guys Nationals and we took full advantage of that by leading all 30 laps and taking home the big prize. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that I was really proud to pick up a feature win this year for Larry & Brett McDonald in their #25 Sportsman Stock at Lernerville. Two for two in the last two attempts in stock cars…very proud of those accomplishments!"
But aside from his on the track accomplishments, Fosnaught can appreciate what it means to be a true partner with his sponsors, and embraces the public relations duties that come along.
"I'm willing and have experience with doing these things for previous sponsors. I appreciate their help and love to repay them in any way that they need or expect. We really try to work with our partners to help market their product to the loyal racing fan base. And we know that sometimes by just having a meet and greet at their facility, they’ll bring in new customers and hopefully we’ll grow our racing family…and their business."
Fosnaught also brings the necessary passion it takes to make true commitment to the sport, the standard and mantra that he lives by with regards to his racing.
 I’ve told my wife many times this year that racing is what defines me. Whether I’m at work or with family, racing is the one thing that I’m always talking, sometimes debating, about. I’ve been going to the race track since I was about six years old. There’s nothing else I work harder to be able to do. “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses: only result!” My wife and I purchased our dream home a couple years ago and the reality of being an adult is that you have to set certain priorities for your family. That being said, the expendable income that always allowed me to fund my own operation has decreased. I’ve always tried to foot the bill for my hobby but it’s been tough to get things together this year. We have a lot of the pieces in place but just need that little extra to put a competitive race car on track."

So with a little more support, a racer's wish to get back in the game will come true, and when it comes to drivers, one couldn't ask for much more at the local/regional than Jason Fosnaught.

To help fund Jason's 2015 campaign, please click here for more details. Sponsorship information- Jason Fosnaught 

A New Breed of Promoter

This past Sunday I took in the Pennsylvania Speedweek show at the Path Valley Speedway, or the #PartyAtThePath, and after taking in the show last year, and the show in April promoted by the same group, I have to say that this was by far this promotional group.  Fred Rahmer Promotions is a breath of fresh air into dirt track racing, and a much appreciated group that is doing everything right for the fans.  And this past Sunday's event put it over the top.  At noon Fred threw a party just down the road from the race track with live music, driver interaction, free food, and best of all, free beer.  And he also brought in MRN personality Steve Post, co-host of Winged Nation, to announce the event.  All of this came with your ticket to the race that night, one that was well worth the price of admission.
Fred Rahmer took time to talk to us and take a picture with us

Let me tell you a story.  When me and my crew arrived at Path Valley we began to walk down to the party when a guy in a Rahmer Promotions shirt stopped in his truck to pick us up and give us a ride down there because of the walk.  As soon as we pulled in Fred Rahmer himself greeted us with a beer in his hand and encouraged us to go grab some food and a beer.  He then talked to us for a while about where we were from and told racing stories from his trips to Winchester Speedway, which is my home track in Virginia.  He then told us about the Legends race he is promoting on August 23rd at the Lincoln Speedway where such past legends as Doug Wolfgang, Keith Kauffman, Todd Shaffer, Lynn Paxton, Steve Smith, Steve Siegel, Kenny Adams, and Steve Stambaugh will be racing 410 sprint cars against one another

In a racing world where there are a ton of different options it is nice to see a promoter that is doing everything he can to give back to the fans, and to make them feel appreciated for showing up to the event and spending their money on the show that is taking place.
Me and the guys with Steve Post

As a driver, Fred Rahmer was a hall of famer, and whether you liked him or hated him, you always had a reaction.  He put butts in the seats and was one of, if not the best driver in the history of central Pennsylvania sprint car racing.  He was the most prolific driver in the history of Pennsylvania Speedweek bringing home the most wins in Speedweek history, and an astounding 13 championships during the week stretch.  He was a multi-time track champion at many different track, and is the all-time wins leader at both Williams Grove and Lincoln Speedways.

And while many people may have rooted against Rahmer as a driver, there is nobody that is rooting against him as a promoter.  I have yet to talk to one person who does not think that Fred Rahmer is an excellent promoter and you won't hear a bad word about the man come out of my mouth about his promotional skills.  The man genuinely cares about whether or not you show up to his races, and he will tell you so.

Look, it's nice to know that there is a promoter out there that is breathing fresh air into the promoting game in central Pennsylvania, and with the legendary status that Fred Rahmer has in the area he will only continue to grow his promotional business and continue to give back to the fans and drivers alike.  I would encourage anybody who is a race fan to frequent any show put on by Fred Rahmer Promotions.  He will thank you for coming, and will give you your money's worth.  What else could you really ask for?

Monday, June 29, 2015

The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 8

Hey there race fans. You ain't tripping, I did skip a week of these because rain and the Firecracker, but I'm back this week. Rain was still very much an issue this past weekend, as Dog Hollow was the only scoring track to get a show in (and they had two regular weekly features, so they both count) this week, and last week Lenerville and Eriez got their shows in (Dog Hollow ran, too, but it was a special, so it didn't count either), for the only points that will be added to these totals since the last installment.

I know, I know, Lernerville got two of three features in, but by the rules of this poll, those WoO features do not count. I'm trying to get a feel for the best weekly racer in Pennsylvania with this deal.That said, I was at Lernerville, and was impressed by the locals. They weren't taking any mess, particularly Jared Miley. I'm already looking forward to September, and my prediction of Jared Miley shocking the world by winning the Firecracker just might come through.

Anyways, I digress. Let's get to the reason ya'll read these things. The rankings. I've added a running tally of feature wins that count towards this poll. After each driver's total points, there will be a star for each scoring feature they have won.

1. Clate Copeman, 30**** points. Clate scored his points this week with a third and a fourth in Dog Hollow's two features Friday/

2. Mike Blose, 27** points. Mike also scored his points at Dog Hollow, amazingly enough with a third and fourth in their two features.

3. Scott Rhodes, 17* points. Scott had a fantastic night at Dog Hollow and won one of the features and got a second in the other one Friday night for his points this week.

4. DJ Troutman, 16* points. DJ didn't score any points this week.

4. Alex Ferree, 16* points. Alex won the feature at Lernerville last Friday for his points this week.

6. Dylan Yoder, 15* points. Dyaln went scoreless this week, too.

6. Jim Yoder, 15* points. Jim also put up a goose egg this week.

8. Dwayne Tanneyhill, 14* points. Dwayne scored a point this week with a fifth in one of Dog Hollow's features (and got sixth in the other one)

8. Russ King, 14** points. Russ' points this week came from his second at Lernerville last week.

8. Jeff Rine, 14** points. Jeff also struck out this week.

And that's the first ten names on the spreadsheet I keep for this poll. Let's hope we get some racing in the week so this poll can get exciting again, ya know?

ATTN: Firecracker Pickem Suspended

Attention all 150 Firecracker 100 Pickem players...

The rain that washed out almost all racing in the Northeast on Saturday sent home 45 drivers, many officials/staff workers, and thousands of fans and campers from Lernerville Speedway. In addition to that, it threw the popular TDN Firecracker 100 Pickem into limbo.

After group deliberation, it has been decided that the contest will continue on as normal. No changes need to be made on behalf of the players. All picks will remain and info stored until the Firecracker 100 resumes on Saturday, September 5th.

Likewise, all prizes will be shoved into storage until our contest is complete. So don't throw a fit (or anything else). We got you taken care of. And for the majority of you who struggled heavily through the first two days, hopefully these 2+ months of downtime are more than enough for all of your side-bets to be forgotten.

Right now we have a 4-way tie for the lead and there are 16 players within 30 points. An even greater amount lay within striking distance, and September 5th might be the day that they pounce. If you're looking for a full rundown of the standings, click here.

We'll pick right back up on September 5th from where we left off. In the meantime, we hope you have a dirt-filled and rain-less summer!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekend Scoreboard- Raise your hand if you weren't rained out!

In the east, it was another weekend from hell weather wise as the Rain Parade Series racked up wins at many tracks which included the Firecracker 100 at Lernerville, a World of Outlaw Sprint Show in Iowa, the last ASCoC Ohio Sprint Week date at Fremont, 80% of all Big Block/358 Modified Action, two UMP Summernational dates and numerous regional late model races.  But..there was some activity this weekend and we've got it for you here on one page! We'll add to it as well, as soon as we can find something other than powerboat racing results, so check back often

Saturday July 27

World of Outlaw Sprints at Beaver Dam Raceway (WI)

1. Donny Schatz  2. Daryn Pittman  3. Joey Saldana  4. Shane Stewart  5. Paul McMahan
6. Kerry Madsen  7. David Gravel  8. Jason Sides  9. Logan Schuchart  10. Sammy Swindell
11. Jacob Allen  12. Kraig Kinser  13. Paige Polyak  14. Scott Thiel  15. Jeremy Schultz
16. Josh Walker  17. Russell Borland  18. Scotty Neitzel  19. Blake Nimee  20. Mike Decker
21. Brandon Thone  22. Brad Sweet  23. Phillip Mock  24. Bill Rose

National Sprint League at Knoxville Raceway (IA)

1. Danny Lasoski  2. Justin Henderson  3. Brooke Tatnell  4. Bronson Maeschen  
5. Brian Brown  6. Terry McCarl  7. Craig Dollansky  8. Dusty Zomer  9. Lynton Jeffrey
10. Davey Heskin  11. Bill Balog  12. Bryan Clauson  13. Austin McCarl  14. Christopher Bell
15. Tim Kaeding  16. Josh Schneiderman  17. Josh Baughman  18. Mark Dobmeier
19. Ryan Bunton  20. Dustin Selvage  21. Dakota Hendrickson  22. Tasker Phillips
23. RJ Johnson  24. Ian Madsen

USMTS Modifieds at Lawton Speedway (OK)

1. Rodney Sanders  2. Dereck Ramirez  3. Steve Whiteaker Jr  4. Jesse Sobbing
5. Cade Dillard  6. Casey Arneson  7. CJ Nix  8. Dustin Allen  9. Garrett Gregory
10. Joe Duvall  11. Daniel Hilsabeck  12. Phillip Houston  13. Dustin Boney  
14. Jason Hughes  15. Jason Hilliard  16. Shane Sprinkle  17. Lucas Steele  
18. Chase Allen 19. Johnny Bone Jr  20. Daniel Cox  21. Grant Junghans  
22. Stanley Reed  23. Stormy Scott  24. Thomas Nunley  25. Ed Dunn

 Friday July 26

World of Outlaw Late Models at Lernerville Speedway (PA)

1. Chase Junghans  2. Scott Bloomquist  3. Shane Clanton  4. Chub Frank  
5. Davey Johnson  6. Tim McCreadie  7. Jared Miley  8. Gregg Satterlee  9. Austin Hubbard
10. Rick Eckert  11. Eric Wells  12. Morgan Bagley  13. Brandon Overton  14. Russ King
15. Josh Richards  16. Mason Zeigler  17. Ross Robinson  18. Darrell Lanigan  
19. Boom Briggs  20. Frank Heckenast Jr  21. Kenny Pettyjohn  22. Paul Wilmouth
23. Jordan Yaggy  24. Michael Norris

410 Sprints at Williams Grove Speedway (PA)

1. Stevie Smith  2. Greg Hodnett  3. Danny Dietrich  4. Lucas Wolfe  5. Brent Marks
6. Alan Krimes  7. Aaron Ott  8. Ryan Taylor  9. Steve Buckwalter  10. Brian Montieth
11. Adam Wilt  12. Pat Cannon  13. TJ Stutts  14. Chase Dietz  15. Cory Haas
16. Kyle Reinhardt  17. Frankie Herr  18. Brock Zearfoss  19. Lance Dewease
20. Glenndon Forsythe  21. Austin Hogue  22. Don Kreitz Jr  23. Mark Smith
24. Doug Esh

358 Modifieds at Ransomville Speedway (NY)

1. Danny Johnson  2. Phil Vigneri Jr  3. Scott George  4. Pete Bicknell  5. Ryan Susice
6. Erick Rudolph  7. Tyler McPherson  8. Tommy Flannigan  9. Robbie Krull
10. Jeff McGinnis  11. Nick Joy  12. Scott Kerwin  13. Steve Schumacher  14. Scott Wood
15. Todd Gordon  16. John Smith  17. Dave Flannigan Jr  18. Chad Brachmann  
19. Kenny Wills  20. Russ Zimmerman  21. Brian Sage

Big Block Modifieds at Brewerton Speedway (NY)

1. Tom Sears Jr  2. Tim Sears Jr  3. Chris Hile  4. Matt Fink  5. Pat Ward  6. Matt Sheppard
7. Billy Decker  8. Jimmy Phelps  9. Matt Hulsizer  10. Vic Coffey  11. Ryan Phelps
12. Chuck Bower  13. Ryan Bartlett  14. Larry Wight  15. Vinnie Vitale  16. Tim Kerr
17. Mike Bowman  18. Rob Bellinger  19. Chris Mackey  20. Andrew Ferguson
21. Jeff Blackburn  22. Joe August Jr  23. Chad Phelps  24. Jim Witko Jr

Thursday July 25

World of Outlaw Late Models at Lernerville Speedway (PA)

1. Shane Clanton  2. Rick Eckert  3. Jared Miley  4. Darrell Lanigan  5. Eric Wells
6. Davey Johnson  7. Austin Hubbard  8. Mason Zeigler  9. Chase Junghans 
10. Chub Frank  11. Morgan Bagley  12. Gregg Satterlee  13. Frank Heckenast jr
14. Dan Angelicchio  15. Tim McCreadie  16. Alex Ferree  17. Josh Richards
18. Boom Briggs  19. Ross Robinson  20. Paul Wilmouth Jr  21. Kenny Pettyjohn
22. Jordan Yaggy  23. Michael Norris  24. Kenny Schaltenbrand

UMP Summernationals Late Models at Clarksville Speedway (TN)

1. Levi Kissinger  2. Wendell Wallace  3. Dennis Erb Jr  4. Richard Frost  5. Rodney Melvin
6. Shannon Babb  7. Billy Moyer Jr  8. Mike Marlar  9. Timothy Culp  10. Ryan Unzicker
11. Bobby Pierce  12. Jason Feger  13. Cody Mahoney  14. Jason Riggs  15. Terry English
16. Jim Moon  17. Caleb Ashby  18. Justin Ratliff  19. Kent Robinson  20. Tanner English
21. John Hahler  22. Brian Shirley

All Star Sprints at Fremont Speedway (OH)

1. Greg Wilson  2. Tim Shaffer  3. Dale Blaney  4. Cap Henry  5. Nate Dussel
6. Brian Lay  7. Tyler Gunn  8. Lee Jacobs  9. Byron Reed  10. Sheldon Haudenschield
11. Cody Darrah  12. Travis Philo  13. Chad Kemenah  14. DJ Foos  15. Randy Hannagan
16. TJ Michael  17. Brady Bacon  18. Duane Zablocki  19. Ryan Smith  
20. Parker Price Miller  21. Broc Martin  22. Caleb Helms  23. Danny Holtgraver
24. Chris Andrews  25. Roger Crockett  26. Gary Taylor

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Firecracker Pickem Standings: Night 2

After another fast and furious night of racing, the updated standings for our unique Firecracker 100 Pickem are available.

You'll notice the four-way tie for the top spot. Each of those entrants have picked the same 5 drivers. Fortunately they all have a different answer to the tiebreaker question (how many yellows in the 100 lap finale). If a tie occurs after the third and final night, whoever picks the right amount of cautions, or is the closest, gets the win. If that still does not decide the victor, then we will simply go to who entered first.

With that being said, here are the full standings...

T1. Andrew Loria (185)
       Pat Junghans (185)
       Ben Skillen (185)
       Jason Anderson (185)
T5.  Nick Lohrmann (170)
       Sally Cornman (170)
       Jason Houck (170)
T8.  Matthew Johnstone (160)
       Amy Bailey (160)
       Kristy Schutte (160)
       Shane Guthrie (160)
T12. Jeff Wilson (155)
       Roger Franks (155)
       James Barber (155)
       Raymond Rosenberry (155)
       Eric Davis (155)
T17. L.D. Sheperd (145)
       Gary Heeman (145)
       Big E (145)
       Rodney Thompson (145)
21.  Todd Beichner (140)
T22. Joshua Bayko (135)
       Michael Nason (135)
T24. Kurt Gray (130)
       Zach Foust (130)
       Carl Post (130)
       Tom Deery (130)
       Bob Swartz (130)
T29. Tom Boniwitz (125)
       David Campbell (125)
       Rob Nichols (125)
       Jared Smith (125)
       Zachery Porter (125)
       Brian Compton (125)
       Jason Zastrow (125)
T36. Tom Buzzard (120)
       Caitie McFarlane (120)
       @D1rtInMyBeer (120)
       Gary Zastrow (120)
T40. Flip Swartzlander (115)
       Craig Metz (115)
       Tyler Beichner (115)
       David Porterfield (115)
       Galen (115)
       Andy Youngs (115)
       Tyler Cheney (115)
       Dan Dieters (115)
T48. Jeff Barnes (110)
       Frank Iudiciani (110
       Jessica Wright (110)
       Pete (110)
       Travis Hill (110)
       Greg Junghans (110)
       Ryan Riffe (110)
       Emma Siebert (110)
       Cory Stivason (110)
T57. Anthony Mohrbacher (105)
       hshdhd (105)
       Amy Rice (105)
       Tyler Ramsey (105)
       Blake Stover (105)
       Jake (105)
       Kyle Sweet (105)
       Doug Dunaway (105)
       Dominic Nucilli (105)
       Cheryl Fleming (105)
       Scott McBride (105)
       Bobby (105)
       Kyle Symons (105)
       Chris Habbyshaw (105)
       Rob Schweizer (105)
T72. Doug Seeger (100)
       Ryan Cornman (100)
       Debbie Bayne (100)
T75. Evan Cree (95)
        Louis Pisani (95)
       J. Meridith (95)
       R. Pitzer (95)
       Mike Kirkwood (95)
       Tyler Jackson (95)
       Edward Saban (95)
T82. Jake Dietz (90)
       Seth Lemley (90)
       Garrett Mohrbacher (90)
       Jeremy Foor (90)
       Jared Butcosk (90)
       Ken Marks (90)
       Aaron Clay (90)
T89. Haley Kunzler (85)
       Brian Johnson (85)
       Malory Ponteri (85)
       Preston Scott (85)
       Braden Bice (85)
       Shane Upshire (85)
T95. Matthew Bunner (80)
       Howard Porterfield (80)
       Brian Stivenson (80)
       Corey Brachmann (80)
       Michael Senic (80)
       Alex (80)
T101. Tim Doyle (75)
       Angela Hoppe (75)
       Matt Hughes (75)
       Greg Wheeling (75)
       Jason Stearns (75)
       Tim Colby (75)
       Justin Sills (75)
       Mike Dutko (75)
       Rich Storms (75)
T110. Patrick Miller (70)
       Nichole Emmons (70)
       Andrew Newton (70)
       Kevin Hughes (70)
       Nick Hardie (70)
       Nathan Wheeling (70)
       Kim Gerber (70)
T117. Samantha Foust (65)
       Rich Houck (65)
       Darrin Davis (65)
       John Gould (65)
       Logan Kennell (65)
       Clayton Johns (65)
       Scott Martinez (65)
       Bill Blair (65)
       Jill Mando (65)
       Scott Priester (65)
T127. Dustin Leverknight (60)
       Trever Steele (60)
       Deana Groves (60)
T130. D.J. Morando (55)
       Jordan Groves (55)
       Shef (55)
T133. Ashlee Sieveke (50)
       Nicholas Davison (50)
       Steve Bartlett (50)
T136. Tyler Quinn (40)
       Scott Ehrmentrout (40)
       Troy Knisely (40)
       Elam Oberholzer (40)
       Jennifer Lodovico (40)
141. Lucas Quinn (35)
T142. Brad Hughes (30)
       Sheila (30)
T144. Penni Johnstone (25)
       Ric Blevins (25)
       Graig Hollis (25)
       Wyatt Hairston (25)
148. Michele Davis (20)
T149. Tyler Vande Kamp (0)
       Christian Dundee (0)